Zeus' Breath

  • In episode 61, Shark uses this card during his Duel against Yuma. When "Gogogo Ghost" attacks "Spear Shark" (whose ATK was 600 due to "Upswell"), Shark activates this card to negate the attack and inflict 800 damage to Yuma.
  • In episode 78, Shark uses this card during his Duel against Art Stanley while the latter was possessed by the Barians. When "Comics Hero King Arthur" attacks "Sharkraken" (whose ATK was 1600 via the effect of "Lancelot, Knight of the Lake"). Shark tries to activate this card in response, but Art claims that if his fantasy world is destroyed, Shark's sister Rio Kastle will be destroyed with it, forcing Shark to not activate his set card. "Comics Hero King Arthur" then destroys "Sharkraken". This card remained on the field until the Duel was over.

"Poseidon Wave"

  • In episode 2, this card appears in Astral's thoughts when he explains in detail to Yuma about the "Numbers" and how they work.