• In episode 40, Abidos the Third uses this card during his Duel against Jaden Yuki. After Abidos summons this card, he uses this card to attack directly. Later Abidos discards a second copy of this card in order to activate "Magic Jammer". "Elemental HERO Sparkman" then attacks and destroys this card. After Abidos Special Summons "Spirit of the Pharaoh", Abidos activates the effect of "Spirit of the Pharaoh" to Special Summon two copies of this card and two copies of "Pharaonic Protector" from his Graveyard. Jaden then activates "Invincible Hero" to prevent "Sparkman" from being destroyed by battle this turn. Abidos then activates "Thousand Energy" to increase the ATK of the two copies of this card and the two "Pharaonic Protectors" by 1000. All of Abidos's monsters then attack "Sparkman". Due to the effect of "Invincible Hero", "Sparkman" is not destroyed by any of the attacks, but Jaden still takes Battle Damage from the attacks. Abidos then activates "Soul Guide" to Tribute one "Pharaonic Protector" and increase his Life Points by the ATK of "Pharaonic Protector". On Abidos's End Phase, the last effect of "Thousand Energy" destroys both copies of this card and the remaining "Pharaonic Protector".

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