• In episode 149, Jesse Anderson uses this card during his Duel against Adrian Gecko while the former was possessed by Yubel. After Jesse Normal Summons this card, he activates its first effect to Special Summon two "Skyblaster Tokens" since he had two other monsters on his side of the field when he summoned "Skyblaster". Jesse then activates the second effect of this card to inflict 300 damage to Adrian for each "Skyblaster" monster he had on the field. As Jesse had three "Skyblaster" monsters, Adrian took 900 damage. Jesse then Tributes all his "Skyblaster" monsters in order to Special Summon "Raviel, Lord of Phantasms". In the next episode, Jesse Normal Summons another copy. As "Fog King" was face-up on the field, this card's effects were negated. This card then attacks "Fog King" (whose ATK was 800 due to the third effect of "Royal Sword"), but Adrian activates the first effect of "Fog Castle" to move his monster to a different Monster Card Zone, place a Beacon Counter on "Fog Castle" and prevent "Fog King's" destruction, however he loses a Monster Card Zone and still takes Battle Damage. At the end of the Battle Phase, the second effect of "Royal Sword" gave the latter a second Crest Counter, which increases the ATK of "Fog King" by 800. "Fog King" then attacks and destroys this card.
  • In the Dub, this card was referred to as Illusion Brigadier.
  • In the anime, this card's attack was called Shot of Vision.

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