• In episode 44, Dennis McField plays this card in his Duel against Zuzu Boyle. Dennis overlays "Performage Damage Juggler" and "Flame Eater" to Xyz Summon this card. This card attacks "Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir", due to the effect of "Bloom Diva", since this card is a Special Summoned monster, Dennis would take damage equal to the battle damage it would have dealt to Zuzu, but due to this cards effect, since that damage is less than this cards ATK, it becomes 0. This card would be destroyed but Dennis activates "Trick Box", preventing this cards destruction, but this cards effects are negated. Due to the effect of "Trick Box", this card switches control with "Bloom Diva", with this card going to Zuzu's side of the field and "Bloom Diva" going to Dennis's side of the field. This card is attacked by "Bloom Diva", since this card is a Special Summoned monster, this card is destroyed and Zuzu takes any battle damage Dennis would have taken, winning him the Duel. After the Duel, this card is returned due to the effect of "Trick Box". rescuing Dennis and Zuzu from falling into lava pool.
  • In episode 58, Dennis McField plays this card in his Turbo Duel against Shay Obsidian. He overlays "Performage Ball Balancer" and "Wind Drainer", with "Wind Drainer" being treated as a Level 4 monster due to its own effect, to Xyz Summon this card. Shay activates the effect of "Raidraptor - Fiend Eagle", detaching an Overlay Unit to deal damage to Dennis equal to this cards ATK, but due to this cards effect, since that damage is less or equal to this cards ATK, the effect damage becomes 0. Dennis activates this cards effect, detaching an Overlay Unit to allow this card to attack twice in one Battle Phase. This card attacks and destroys "Fiend Eagle", this card attacks Shay directly but Shay activates "Necro Raptor", making the battle damage 0 and Special Summoning "Fiend Eagle" from his Graveyard. Later this card is destroyed by the effect of "Raidraptor - Blaze Falcon" and Dennis takes 500 damage.
  • In episode 74, Dennis uses this card against Shay. Dennis overlay his "Performage Fire Dancer" and "Ball Balancer" to Summon this card. After he has finished his Xyz Summons, he use this card's effect. Detaching an ORU to allow his "Performage Shadow Maker" to attack twice. Activating the latter's effect and Summoning another one. and give the Summoned "Shadow Maker" another ORU. This card effect activate again. Targeting the new 2nd "Shadow Maker". thus activating its effect. Summoning the 3rd copy. This card then attack and Destroy "Raidraptor - Fiend Eagle". This card is then targeted by "Raidraptor - Target Flag". Later that turn. This card is targeted by "Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon", but is redirected to the 1 of the "Shadow Maker"(1 of them is Tributed due to "Performage Magic Tactician"). The new target is destroyed and half of its ATK is inflicted (1300). But the damage is negated due to this card effect. Shay then later attack this card, but Dennis grabbed and activated "Battle Change". Changing the attack target to the last "Shadow Maker". Then the latter is attached to this card as an ORU due to "Performage Overlay Juggler". A replay happen and "Revolution Falcon" attack this card. This card ATK and DEF is reduced to 0 due to "Revolution Falcon". This monster is then destroyed, but not before it grabbed an Action Card for Dennis. Later Dennis activated "Chaos Ancient Gear Fusion". Banishing this card and 3 "Shadow Makers".

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