• This card needs 5 turns to be Special Summoned in the anime. It also used "Larvae Moth" as the base form instead of "Petit Moth".
  • In episode 63, Weevil uses this card during his Duel against Joey Wheeler. After "Larvae Moth" was equipped with "Cocoon of Evolution" for five turns, Weevil sends "Larvae Moth" to the Graveyard in order to Special Summon this card. In the next episode, this card then attacks and destroys Joey's "Alligator's Sword". On Weevil's next turn, this card attacks Joey's "Parasite Paracide", but Joey activates "Skull Dice" to roll a die and divide this card's ATK by the result. Joey gets a two, so the ATK of this card is halved. Joey then activates Graceful Dice to roll a die and multiply the ATK of "Parasite Paracide" by the result. Joey gets a four, so the ATK of "Parasite Paracide" is quadrupled. "Parasite Paracide" then destroys this card.
  • In episode 74, this card appeared within some of the small clips that were shown going through a black background before we see a montage of Joey's Battle City Duels.

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