• In episode 162, Blair Flannigan uses this card during her Tag Duel with Tyranno Hassleberry against Alexis Rhodes and Jaden Yuki (It was the card she had to place in her Deck right before the duel actually began). After Jaden successfully used a combination of "Elemental HERO Bladedge" and "Hero Heart" to destroy both of Blair's Lamb Tokens, Alexis got extremely angry at Jaden for his actions and decided to no longer take part in the duel since she assumes he clearly can win the duel all by himself. Upon hearing this, Blair activates this card and explains its effects to her opponents. Alexis accepts on switching partners because she was now completely fed up with Jaden and did not have any reason to be his partner anymore. After Jaden reverts back to his original personality and notes to Alexis that the duel they're having is great, Alexis realizes that Jaden had realized how he was acting since he came back and is now truly having fun in a duel like he used to. Alexis then activates "Mystical Space Typhoon" to destroy this card which causes Blair and Alexis to switch back to their original sides (much to Blair's shock and anger).

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