• In episode 54, Chazz Princeton uses this card during his duel against Reginald Van Howell III. He summons this card via "Mecha Ojama King's" effect. Chazz then activates this card's effect to summon three Ojamachine Yellow Tokens. This card then attacks Reggie's "Armed Samurai - Ben Kei" (whose ATK was 1600 due to it being equipped with "Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade" and "Lightning Blade"). "Ben Kei" then destroys this card, but due to this card's effect, Chazz takes no Battle Damage from the attack. This card then inflicts 300 damage to Reggie. The three Ojamachine Yellow Tokens then attack "Ben Kei". "Ben Kei" then destroys the tokens, but since the tokens had the same effect as this card, Chazz takes no Battle Damage from the attacks and Reggie takes 900 damage (300 for every Token destroyed), thus winning Chazz the Duel.

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