• In episode 128, Halldor uses this card during his Turbo Duel against Yusei Fudo. He activates this card to negate the effects of the Aesirs and see what Yusei's set card is. It is revealed to be "Wave Rebound". Halldor figures out that if he activates the effect of "Odin, Father of the Aesir" to make the Aesirs unaffected by Spells and Traps for one turn, Yusei will activate the effect of "Majestic Star Dragon" to Tribute "Majestic Star Dragon" and destroy all cards Halldor controls. Although the Aesirs will revive themselves via their own effects on the End Phase, Yusei will activate "Wave Rebound" to negate the summons and inflict damage to Halldor equal to the ATK of the Aesirs. Halldor chooses to not activate this card's effect in order to avoid losing. In the next episode, Halldor adds this card from his Deck to his hand via the effect of "Loki, Lord of the Aesir". Later Halldor activates this card to negate the effects of the Aesirs and see one of Yusei's set cards. He then Tributes "Tyr of the Nordic Champions" to prevent the Aesirs from having their effects negated by Halldor's card effects this turn. Before Halldor can find out what Yusei's strategy is, Yusei activates "Trick Mirror" to activate the effect of this card as the effect of "Trick Mirror" and stops this card's effect from activating. Because of this, the effects of the Aesirs are negated and Halldor is forced to shown what cards he currently has in his hand to Yusei.
    • In the second above-mentioned episode, this card appears in a flashback Yusei has when he remembers Halldor explaining the effects of "Odin's Eye". After remembering how the Trap Card works, Yusei realizes he can still make a comeback.

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