• In episode 18, this card is shown in Luna's hand during her Ground Duel against Professor Frank. In the next episode, "Ido the Supreme Magical Force" attacks "Kuribon", but Luna activates "Fairy Wind" to destroy all other Spells and Traps on the field and inflict 400 damage to both players for each Spell/Trap destroyed this way (not including Spells controlled by Frank). Since three were destroyed, both players take 1200 damage. Luna then activates the second effect of "Kuribon" to return it to her hand and nullify the Battle Damage she would take as well as increase Frank's Life Points by the ATK of "Ido the Supreme Magical Force". Luna then activates this card to negate the Life Point increase and make both players take damage equal to the amount of Life Points that would have been gained, ending the Duel in a Draw.

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