• In episode 136, Vector plays this card against Nash. This card is Special Summoned from Vector's Extra Deck by the effect of "Chaos Rising" since he took more than 2000 points of damage from a "Number C" monster. During Vector's next turn this card attacks Nash directly. During Nash's next turn, Nash activates "Split Defender". This card allows Nash to take controls of the monster with the highest DEF, if it is a tie then Vector chooses which one to take, but Vector activates "Guard Off" reducing the DEF of "Number C102: Archfiend Seraph"; "Number C103: Ragnafinity" and "Number C104: Umbral Horror Masquerade" to 0, however the DEF of this was already 0 so it wasn't changed, its other effects activates, dealing 400 points of damage to Nash for each monsters controlled by Vector which had 0 DEF so Nash would take a total of 1600 points of damage, Nash chains this with "Xyz Charge Up" reducing the effect damage Nash takes to 0. "Split Defender" then Resolves, since all of Vector's monsters have 0 DEF, Vector chooses to give "King Overfiend" to Nash. Nash then activates the other effect of "Xyz Charge Up", increasing the ATK of this card by the amount of damage "Xyz Charge Up" negated, since 1600 points of damage was negated, this card gains 1600 ATK, increasing its ATK from 1600 to 3200, this card attacks and destroys "Umbral Horror Masquerade" revealing Vector's true memories. In the next episode, later when Nash attacks Vector directly with "Ragnafinity", which he gained control of by the effect of "Xyz Discharge", Vector activates "Trick Buster" destroying all Attack Position monsters Nash controls, including this card "Archfiend Seraph" and "Ragnafinity" and deal him 300 points of damage for each destroyed card, for a total of 900 points, however Nash activates the effect of "Dream Shark" Special Summoning it from the Graveyard to negate the damage.

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