• In episode 63, Kite played this card against Vetrix. He overlaid "Photon Satellite" after changing its Level to 9 via its own effect, which also treated it as two Overlay Units. Kite equips "Galaxy-Eyes" with "Photon Wing", detaching the Overlay Unit from this card to increase the ATK of "Galaxy-Eyes" by 200 times the Rank of "Dyson Sphere" and letting it attack directly this turn. "Galaxy-Eyes" attacks directly, but Vetrix avoids defeat by using "Heraldry Change" to reduce the battle damage and Special Summon "Heraldic Beast Aberconway". Vetrix detaches an Overlay Unit from "Number 8: Heraldic King Genom-Heritage" to reduce the ATK of this card to 0 and increase the ATK of "Genom-Heritage" to the same value as the original ATK of this card. Kite activates this card's effect to attach two monsters from his Graveyard to it as Overlay Units, but Vetrix detaches an Overlay Unit from "Genom-Heritage" to negate the effect and give that effect to it. This lets "Genom-Heritage" attack and destroy this card. The scene of this card's destruction is shown again at the beginning of the next episode.
  • In episodes 65 and 66, this card appears in flashbacks.
  • In episode 116, Yuma gave this card back to Quinton and he played it while teaming with Kite against Scritch. Quinton overlaid "Deep-Space Cruiser IX" and "Hologram Projection" to Xyz Summon it. In the next episode, this card attacked "Number 2: Ninja Shadow Mosquito", but Scritch detached an Overlay Unit to prevent its destruction by battle, while also placing a Hallucination Counter on Kite's "Galaxy-Eyes". This negates the effects of "Galaxy-Eyes" and causes the battle damage from Kite's attack to be inflicted to Quinton instead, with Quinton using "Micron Force" to avoid defeat by halving the ATK of "Galaxy-Eyes". Scritch Tributes his "Mosquito Force" to place a Hallucination Counter on this card. This causes this card to attack and destroy "Galaxy-Eyes", but Kite uses "Prevent Reborn" to reduce the battle damage by 1000 and Special Summon "Galaxy-Eyes". Quinton later uses "Power Analysis" to change the ATK of this card to that of "Galaxy-Eyes" and "Paradox Synthesis" to Tribute it and "Hologram Projection" to boost the ATK of "Galaxy-Eyes", letting it attack and destroy "Ninja Shadow Mosquito" and win them the Duel.
  • This card's attack name is "Brilliant Bombardment" in the dub.

Video games

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