• In episodes 25 and 37, this card appears in flashbacks to episode 12.
  • In episode 89, Yuma plays this card against the Shadow Giant. He overlays "Ganbara Lancer" to Xyz Summon it, with that card's effect treating it as two Overlay Units. He detaches it to destroy "Unformed Void", but the effect of "Overlay World" prevents its destruction. The ATKs of this card and "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis" are added to that of "Unformed Void" via that card's effect. Yuma switches this card to Defense Position and "Unformed Void" attacks and destroys after adding its ATK to its own a second time, with the effect of that card allowing it to destroy "Numbers" by battle despite not being one itself.
  • In episode 112, this card is amongst the "Numbers" that appear in spirit with Yuma as he recalls his time with Astral.
  • This card's effect name is "Mag Max" in the Japanese version and "Magma Max" in the dub.

Video games

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