• In episode 14, this card appears in a flashback Kite has when he explains to Yuma Tsukumo that how he gets the Numbers is overbearing, but when he takes Yuma's "Number" (he didn't know at this point that Yuma has more than one), Yuma's soul will also be taken.
  • In episode 64, Vetrix absorbs this card along with every "Number" Kite had in his possession after he defeats Kite.
  • In episode 67, Dr. Faker uses Sphere Field to absorb this card along with every "Number" Yuma and Vetrix had in their possession after Yuma defeats Vetrix.
  • In episode 112, this card is amongst the "Numbers" that appear in spirit with Yuma as he recalls his time with Astral.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

  • This card appears in the first Japanese opening theme, Believe x Believe, as part of a Duel school advertisement.

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