• In episode 121, Yuma Tsukumo plays this card against Eliphas, he summons this card by ranking down "Number 39: Utopia" via "Rank-Down-Magic Numeron Fall", when this card is summoned the effect of "New Order 13: Etheric Amon" activates sending cards from the top of Yuma's deck and attaching them to "Amon" equal to the difference in the Ranks of the monsters (since this card is Rank 1 and "Amon" is Rank 13), the last 12 cards in Yuma's deck is attached to "Amen" this increases "Amen's" attack points by 1200 as it gained 12 more overlay units (increasing it from 7000 to 8200), this card the attacks "Amon", Yuma then detaches an Overlay Unit of this card to negate the attack and attaches that overlay unit to "Amen" (increasing its ATK by 100, from 8200 to 8300 since it gained another overlay unit), then the effect of this card activates making its ATK points equal to the difference in ranks of this card and "Amon" (since this card is Rank 1 and "Amon" is Rank 13) this card's ATK become 1200, then the ATK points of this card are multiplied by the number of overlay units "Amon" has, since Amon has 33 overlay units, this cards attack points are multiplied by 33, increasing its ATK from 1200 to 39600. Yuma then activates "Double or Nothing" since this cards attack was negated, this cards attack points are doubled, from 39600 to 79200, and it is allowed to attack again, this card attacks and destroys "Amon" winning Yuma the duel.
  • In episode 124, this card appears in a flashback when Nash sees Yuma's memories when Nash's Barian Pendant and Yuma's Emperor's Key clash.
  • This card's attack name in the Japanese version is "Hope Sword Roots Slash". In the English Dub it's attack name is Rising Sun Roots Slash.

Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL

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