Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Anime

  • In episode 142, Yuma Tsukumo plays this card against Nash, Yuma activates "Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force" to Double Rank-Up "Number 39: Utopia" and Special Summon this monster. This card attacks "CXyz Barian Hope" and due to this cards effect the ATK of "Barian Hope" is reduced to 0 during the Battle Phase. Nash activates "Xyz Trip" paying Life Points equal to this monsters ATK points (3000) to negate the attack. During Nash's turn this card is attacked by "Barian Hope" however Yuma activates "Weaker Overlay"; since this card has less Overlay Units than "Barian Hope" this card gains 800 ATK for each Overlay Unit "Barian Hope" has. Since "Barian Hope" has seven Overlay Units, this card gains 4200 ATK, making its ATK 7200. Nash activates the effect of "Barian Hope" paying 400 Life Points to activate its effect, activating the effect of "Number C103: Ragnafinity" to inflict damage equal to the change in ATK. This would have caused Yuma to lose the Duel, but he activates "Damage Reactor" reducing the damage to 0 and increasing this card's ATK by 800, to 8000; this card then destroys "Barian Hope". In the next episode, Nash activates "Reincarnation of the Seven Emperors" banishing "Barian Hope" and its Chaos Overlay Units to reduce the damage to 0, he then Summons "Black Ray Lancer" by the effect of "Reincarnation of the Seven Emperors" and due to its last effect, Yuma would take damage equal to the ATK of "Black Ray Lancer", but Yuma activates this card's effect to detach an Overlay Unit to banish this monster and Special Summon "Utopia" from the Graveyard; he then gains Life Points equal to half of the original ATK of "Utopia", which is 1250, increasing his Life Points from 1200 to 2450, allowing him to survive "Reincarnation of the Seven Emperors".
  • This card's attack name is "Hope Sword Beyond the Slash". Its attack name in the English Dub is "Rising Sun Beyond Slash".

Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL

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