• In episode 65, this card appears in a flashback to episode 49.
  • In episode 112, Yuma returns this card to Trey. In the next episode, he plays it while teaming with Yuma against Erazor, overlaying "Chronomaly Winged Sphinx" and "Chronomaly Moai Carrier" to Xyz Summon it. He increases its ATK with "Pyramid Eye Tablet", then uses this card's effect to inflict 800 damage to Erazor, knowing that Erazor would negate it with the effect of "Number 3: Cicada King". Trey uses Yuma's "Reservation Reward" to reveal and Set "Heart of Stone", then attacks "Cicada King" with this card, damaging him due to the DEF of that card. He then activates "Heart of Stone", letting this card attack again with its ATK doubled as its attack was unsuccessful. It attacks again, but Erazor uses "Cicada Illusion" to prevent the destruction of "Cicada King" by battle. When "Cicada King" attacks Yuma's "Utopia", Trey uses "Orichalcum Mirage" to redirect the attack to this card, destroying it.
  • This card's attack name is "Fire of Vril" in the Japanese version and "Meteor Meltdown" in the dub. Its effect name in both versions is "Infinity Cannon".

Video games

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