• In episode 36, Cameron uses this card during his Duel against Yuma Tsukumo. He Xyz Summons this card by overlaying "Scandal Snapper" (who was Level 6 through its own effect) and "Cameraclops" (who was Level 6 due to the effect of "Paparazzi Pest"). This card then attacks "Gogogo Golem". Cameron then activates this card's effect to detach "Cameraclops" and negate the effect of "Gogogo Golem" until the end of the turn. This card then destroys "Gogogo Golem". Later, Yuma activates the effect of "Overlay Owl" to detach "Scandal Snapper" from this card. Cameron tries to activate this card's effect to negate the effect of "Overlay Owl", but Yuma states that this card will have no Overlay Units either way. After Yuma Xyz Summons "Chaos Number 39: Utopia Ray" via Chaos Xyz Evolution, he activates the effect of "Utopia Ray" three times to increase its ATK by 1500 (500 for each Overlay Unit detached and decrease this card's ATK by 3000 (1000 for each Xyz Material that Yuma detached for the effect of "Utopia Ray"). "Utopia Ray" then attacks and destroys this card, winning Yuma the Duel. With Yuma's victory, Astral absorbs this card from Cameron, freeing him from this card's influence.
    • This card also appears in Cameron's backstory when he explains why he decided to take scoop pictures instead of soft pictures. Cameron is shown picking a blank card up and it becomes this card. Upon accquiring this card, Cameron claims he changed and was able to take scoop pictures at will.
  • In episode 67, Dr. Faker uses Sphere Field to absorb this card along with every "Number" Yuma and Vetrix had in their possession after Yuma defeats Vetrix.
  • In episode 74, this card is amongst the "Numbers" that appear in the Emperor's Key with Astral.
  • In episode 82, this card is amongst the "Numbers" shown with Astral in the Emperor's Key when Astral observes the "Numbers" he and Yuma currently have and which "Numbers" they still need to find.
  • This card's attack name is "Finishing Photograph - Kill Shot" in the Japanese version and "Projection of Pain" in the dub. Its effect name in the Japanese version "Soul Phantom - Soul Develop".

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