• In episode 17, a "Number" holder uses this card during his Duel against Fortuno. This card attacks "Number 11: Big Eye", but something unknown causes Fortuno to win the Duel. With Fortuno's victory, he uses Photon Hand to remove the Number holder's soul and obtain this card.
    • While preparing to do his fortunetelling, Fortuno lays this card down and gloats to "Kite Tenjo" that he now has a new "Number" power.
  • In episode 23, this card is amongst the "Numbers" shown in the Emperor's Key when Kite finds Astral.
  • In episode 25, this card appears in a flashback Astral has when he tells Yuma he was bit shaken as well due to Kite nearly succeeding in defeating him and taking his "Numbers". Astral also states he couldn't believe he actually managed to enter the Emperor's Key.
    • This card also appears in a flashback Yuma has when he remembers that he Duel Fortuno and attained the power of "Utopia Ray".
  • In episode 37, this card appears in a series of flashbacks Astral has when he notes the "Numbers" are pieces of his memories and he wonders what he really is.
  • In episode 67, Dr. Faker uses Sphere Field to absorb this card along with every "Number" Yuma and Vetrix had in their possession after Yuma defeats Vetrix.

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