• In episodes 34, 35 and 41, this card appears in flashbacks to episode 33.
  • In episode 46, this card appears in a flashback to episode 43.
  • In episode 114, Yuma returns this card to Quattro and he plays while teaming with Shark against Chironex. He overlays "Dreary Doll" and "Twilight Joker" to Xyz Summon it. He detaches an Overlay Unit to destroy Chironex's "Number 4: Stealth Kragen" and inflict its ATK as damage, which results in the Summoning of two "Kragen Spawns". In the next episode, Quattro detaches the other Overlay Unit to destroy the two "Kragen Spawns" and inflict more damage, with Chironex Special Summoning a third "Kragen Spawn" and "Number 4" again. Chironex uses "Jelly Rain" to change the Attribute of this card to WATER, then uses the effect of "Number 4" to destroy all WATER monsters and inflict their ATKs as damage. Quattro revives this card with "Gimmick Puppet Ritual" and Tributes it to Summon "Gimmick Puppet Nightmare".
  • This card's attack name in both the Japanese version and the dub is "Final Dance", while its effect name is "Destruction Cannon".


Video games

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