• In episode 127, this card appears in a flashback when Trey and Quinton think of the Duel data Quattro sent them, and how "The Seventh One" works.
  • In episode 139, Nash plays this card while teaming with Yuma Tsukumo against Don Thousand. He uses "The Seventh One" to Special Summon it, then performs a Rank-Up to bring out "Silent Honor DARK". He uses the effect of that card, detaching its Overlay Units to Special Summon this card. This card attacks Thousand directly. This card is destroyed when Nash plays "Depth Eruption" to destroy every card on the field. In the the next episode, Yuma revives this card with the effect of "ZS - Ouroboros Sage". He equips "Ouroboros Sage" and "Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory" to this card via the effect of "Ouroboros Sage", increasing its ATK to 5500. This card attacks "Number C1000: Numeronius", with Yuma using the final effect of "Ouroboros Sage" to double this card's ATK To 11000. Thousand uses the effect of "Numeronius" to destroy "Silent Honor DARK" instead, though he still takes battle damage. This card is destroyed at the end of the Battle Phase via the effect of "Numeronius", then Special Summoned to Thousand's side of the field. It is destroyed by the effect of Yuma's "Number 100: Numeron Dragon".
  • In episode 141, Nash plays this card against Yuma. He uses "The Seventh One" to Special Summon this card and then performs a Rank-Up to Summon "Silent Honor DARK".
  • This card's attack name is "Million Phantom Flood", while its effect name is "Eternal Soul Asylum". Its attack name in the English Dub is "Phantom Flood". Its attack name when equipped with "Ouroboros Sage" and "Utopia Ray Victory" is "Hope Sword Ark Knight Slash".


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