• In episode 80, Jean-Claude Magnum uses this card during his Duel against Mai Valentine. He Tribute Summons this card by Tributing "Ninja Soldier Katana". Magnum then activates this card's effect to Special Summon "Ninja Commando Kabuki" and another "Ninja Soldier Katana". Magnum then activates the effect of "Ninja Commando Kabuki" to Special Summon "Kunoichi Ayame the Ninja Girl". This card then attacks and destroys Mai's "Amazoness Swords Woman". Later "Cyber Harpie Lady" attacks this card, but Magnum activates "Ninja Smoke Ball" to end the Battle Phase. Later Magnum equips this card with "Great Kite of Ninja" whose effect prevents this card from being attacked or being affected by any Spell Cards. Magnum then Tributes "Ninja Soldier Katana" to activate the effect of "Great Kite of Ninja", which allows this card to attack directly this turn. This card then attacks directly. Mai then uses "Harpie Lady Sisters" to attack and destroy "Ninja Commander Ikusa", "Ninja Commando Kabuki", amd "Kunoichi Ayame the Ninja Girl". Later Magnum Normal Summons another "Kunoichi Ayame the Ninja Girl" for the effect of "Great Kite of Ninja, but Mai activates "Grave Arm" to destroy "Kunoichi Ayame the Ninja Girl" and prevent Magnum from activating the effect of "Great Kite of Ninja". Mai then points out that "Great Kite of Ninja" prevents this card from defending Magnum if it is the only monster on his side of the field. This card remained on the field until the Duel was over.

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