• In the English dub, the name of this card was "Ant Reproduction".

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In episode 56, Missy uses this card during her Duel against Syrus Truesdale. She uses this card to Tribute "Pinch Hopper" and Special Summon two "Army Ant Tokens". The effect of "Pinch Hopper" then activates, allowing Missy to Special Summon "Insect Princess" from her hand. She then activates "Insect Garden" to switch control of the "Army Ant Tokens" to Syrus. After Missy equips her "Insect Princess" with "Insect Pheromone", she uses "Insect Princess" to attack and destroy a one "Army Ant Token". The effect of "Insect Princess" then activates, increasing its ATK by 500. "Insect Pheromone" then forces the other "Army Ant Token" to battle "Insect Princess". "Insect Princess" then destroys the "Army Ant Token". The effect of "Insect Princess" then activates again, increasing its ATK by 500.

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