• In episode 180, Seto Kaiba uses this card during his duel with Yami Yugi against Dartz. He Special Summons this card by merging Yami Yugi's "Mirror Force" with "Fang of Critias". This card then attacks "Mirror Knight Pegasus". Due to the effect of Mirror Knight Pegasus, its ATK becomes the same as this card's during damage calculation only. Dartz then removes Pegasus' Shield Counter to prevent his destruction. This card's effect then activates, inflicting Battle Damage to Dartz equal to the ATK difference between this card and Dartz's monsters and destroying all monsters Dartz controls. Before "Orichalcos Kyutora" is destroyed, its effect nullifies all the damage that Dartz would have taken. The final effect of "Orichalcos Kyutora" activates, Special Summoning "Orichalcos Shunoros", "Orichalcos Dexia", and "Orichalcos Aristeros". Dartz then activates "Martyr Curse" to negate this card's effects and force this card to battle "Shunoros". "Shunoros" then destroys this card, defeating Kaiba. Due to the effect of "Shunoros", its ATK decreases by the ATK of this card. Before Kaiba loses, he activates "Wish of Final Effort" to increase Yami Yugi's Life Points by this card's ATK.

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