• In episode 113, Yami Yugi and Joey Wheeler use this card during their Tag Duel against the Big Five. After "Five-Headed Dragon" destroys "Dark Flare Knight" in battle (Yami Yugi and Joey took no Battle Damage due to the second effect of "Dark Flare Knight"), Yami Yugi activates the last effect of "Dark Flare Knight" to Special Summon this card. This card then becomes Yugi and Joey's new Deck Master. This card then attacks "Five-Headed Dragon". Due to this card's effect, it gained ATK equal to the ATK of "Five-Headed Dragon" during damage calculation only. This card then destroys "Five-Headed Dragon", but Leichter activates "A Deal with Dark Ruler" to negate the Battle Damage he would have received and Special Summon "Berserk Dragon" in place of "Five-Headed Dragon". At the end of the Battle Phase, this card's last effect banished it and "Dark Magician" and "Flame Swordsman" were revived in its place.

Video Games

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