• In episode 146, Yuma Tsukumo plays this card against Astral. He activates this card when "Number F0: Utopic Future" attacks "Number 99: Utopic Dragon" a second time due to the effect of "Hi-Five the Sky", since "Utopic Future" and "Utopic Dragon" had no Overlay Units when they last battled, "Utopic Future" gains 500 ATK for each Xyz Monster in both players' Graveyards. Since there are 8, "Utopic Future" gains 4000 ATK, increasing its ATk from 0 to 4000. This card also prevents "Utopic Future" from being destroyed in battle. "Utopic Future" attacks and destroys "Number 99: Utopic Dragon, which also had 4000 ATK but due to this effect "Utopic Future" isn't destroyed. Since no Battle Damage was dealt "Utopic Future" can attack again. "Utopic Future" attacks Astral directly. Astral activates "The Door of Destiny" summoning that card as a monster and negating the attack, since the attack was negated Yuma activates "Double or Nothing" allowing "Utopic Future" to attack again and doubling its ATK points, from 4000 to 8000, "Utopic Future" then attacks and destroys "The Door of Destiny", winning Yuma the duel.

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