• In episode 11, Rex Raptor uses this card during his Duel against Joey Wheeler. After this card is summoned, it gained a Field Power Bonus. This card then attacks and destroys Joey's set "Rock Ogre Grotto 1". Later this card attacks "Flame Swordsman", but since Dinosaur-type monsters lose their Field Power Bonus when battling against a FIRE monster, "Flame Swordsman" destroys this card.
  • In episode 161, this card is shown in a flashback explained by Rex Raptor which involved the fame he and Weevil Underwood lost after they lost to Yugi Muto and Joey and what became of their lives after their losses. Near the end of the flashback, the two of them were beaten up in an alley by three men who were helping a kid that Weevil and Rex tricked while they were popular. After Rex and Weevil dropped their cards and got knocked out, this card was shown dropping to the ground.

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