• In episode 91, Yami Marik uses this card during his duel against Mai Valentine. After summoning this card, Yami Marik equips this card with "Black Pendant", increasing its ATK by 500. This card then attacks "The Unfriendly Amazon", but Mai activates "Amazoness Archers", which reduces this card's ATK by 500. "The Unfriendly Amazon" then destroys this card, but this activates the second effect of "Black Pendant", inflicting 500 damage to Mai. Yami Marik then used this card's effect to activate "Rope of Life" from his hand, Special Summoning this card from the Graveyard and increasing its ATK by 800. This card then attacks and destroys "The Unfriendly Amazon". Later this card attacks "Amazoness Fighter", but Mai activates "Amazoness Spellcaster" to swap the ATK of this card and "Amazoness Fighter". "Amazoness Fighter" then destroys this card. Since Mai reduced the ATK of this card, Yami Marik activates "Card of Last Will" to draw until he had five cards in his hand. He then used this card's effect to activate "Scratch Wheel", which trapped down "Amazoness Fighter". Mai then activates "Dramatic Rescue" to return "Amazoness Fighter" to her hand and summon "Cyber Harpie Lady" in its place. This move destroys "Scratch Wheel".

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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