• This card is far more powerful in that episode. In that setting, it allows the Level 8 Monster to attack an additional time for each Defense Position monster that is destroyed that turn. Jack comboed this card with "Revival Gift" and "Red Dragon Archfiend"; by destroying Hunter's defensive Monster, his Dragon's effect destroyed the two Gift Tokens, allowing him to use the Trap Card to attack three additional times with the Dragon.
  • In episode 83, the Fake Jack Atlas uses this card during his Turbo Duel against the real Jack. After the Fake's purple "Red Dragon Archfiend" attacks and destroys Jack's "Dread Dragon", the Fake Jack activates this card to allow his "Red Dragon Archfiend" to attack a second time as a Defense Position monster was destroyed this turn.
    • In this episode, this card used its normal TCG/OCG effect.

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