• In episode 72, Howard X Miller uses this card during his duel against Jaden Yuki. He sets this card in Defense Position. "Elemental HERO Flame Wingman" then attacks and destroys this card. The latter then inflicts damage to X equal to the ATK of this card. This card's Flip Effect then activates, returning all monsters on both players' side of the field to their Deck and shuffle them up. After that, both players draw cards equal to the combined Levels of their returned monsters. X draws four cards since "Trap Sluzer" is Level 4 and Jaden draws ten cards since "Flame Wingman" is Level 6 and "Elemental HERO Sparkman" is Level 4. Since Jaden drew "Sparkman", he keeps his hand. X did not draw "Trap Sluzer", so he discards four cards hand. X then activates "Purse with a Hole" to make Jaden randomly discard cards from his hand until he had five cards in his hand.

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