• In episode 115, Noah Kaiba uses this card during his Duel against Seto Kaiba. He Summons this card via through the effect of "Ice Age Panic". This card then attacks "Different Dimension Dragon". Noah then reveals that Kaiba will take any Battle Damage he would take from a battle involving this monster. Kaiba then activates "Ring of Destruction" to destroy this monster and inflict its ATK as damage to both players. Kaiba then activates "Ring of Defense" to protect himself from the damage that he would take from the effect of "Ring of Destruction", leaving Noah to take the damage from the effect of "Ring of Destruction". This card was then absorbed into "Shinato's Ark". In the next episode, Noah activates the Deck Master Ability of "Shinato's Ark" to banish all the monsters in the ark and increase his Life Points by 500 for each monster banished this way. Since twelve monsters were banished this way, Noah gains 6000 Life Points.

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