Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In episode 35, Slade Princeton uses this card during his Duel against Chazz Princeton. He summons this card via "Polymerization". Slade then activates this card's effect to Special Summon "Luster Dragon #2" from his hand. This card then attacks and destroys "Soul Tiger". "Luster Dragon #2" then attacks directly. On Slade's next turn, he summons "Luster Dragon" in Attack Position. Slade then activates this card's effect to summon "Hyozanryu" from his hand. This card then attacks and destroys Chazz's set "The Unhappy Maiden", but this activates the latter's effect, ending Slade's Battle Phase immediately. On Chazz's turn, he activates "The Dark Door" to prevent Slade from attacking with more than one monster during his turn. On Slade's turn, he uses this card to attack and destroy "Spirit of the Breeze". On Slade's next turn, this card attacks and destroys "Catnipped Kitty". On Chazz's turn, Slade activates "Dust Tornado" to destroy "The Dark Door". Later Chazz activates "Ojama Delta Hurricane!!" to destroy all cards on Slade's side of the field.
    • In the same episode, this card can be seen in the briefcase full of cards that Slade shows to Chazz.
  • In episode 88, this card appears within a series of flashbacks Chazz has when he notes to himself that even though he is someone who has gotten dirty and stains all over himself he knows that he is.
  • Its attack name is "Fire Scourge" in the English anime and "Twilight Burn" in the Japanese version.

Video Games

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