• In episode 68, this card was shown while Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, and Blister are watching Crow Hogan and Bashford's Ground Duel and having a conversation about it. After watching the duel for a while, Yusei notices that something is missing from Bashford's Deck as he appeared to be so obsessed with family. The missing thing was this card. Yusei explains that if this card was on the field, then "Paternal Junk" would have gained 1000 ATK due to its second effect. This card is shown during this explanation. Blister notes that if that happened Bashford would win the Duel. Jack notes that if Bashford wanted to summon this card, he should have done that already as the effect of "Maternal Junk" would allow Bashford to add this card from his Deck to his hand once per turn if he had "Paternal Junk" on the field. This card is shown while Jack was explaining this. Yusei then realizes something and walks off. After Crow wins, Yusei gives Bashford the picture of his wife and his son. Yusei then states to Bashford he never had this card in his Deck to begin with which was why he didn't try to summon this card during his Duel with Crow. Bashford confirms this and reveals that he gave this card to his son Adam long ago.
    • This card also appears in a flashback Bashford has when he reveals that his wife and son left him when he got so caught up with his work. This left him completely ashamed and guilty over his actions and so he wanted to find a way to make things right. He kept the dueling arena and never left the junkyard in hope of his son coming back. It never came due to the junk destroying the dueling arena. Crow assures him nothing will be wrong as he has him and his friends to support him. This is enough to convince Bashford to leave and live with the orphans.
  • When Yusei and Jack explain to Blister that Bashford could summon "Kid Junk" since he had "Paternal Junk" and "Maternal Junk" on the field in the dub, "Kid Junk" is shown as an effect monster.

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