• In episode 64, Tyranno Hassleberry sets this card during his duel against Syrus Truesdale, but did not activate it. When "Ultimate Tyranno" attacks "Decoyroid" a sixth time, Hassleberry tries to activate this card to end the Duel in a Draw, however Hassleberry chose not to activate this card as he found out that Syrus had been searching for Jaden last night for hours which made him more dedicated to Jaden than Hassleberry was. "Ultimate Tyranno" then destroys "Decoyroid". Syrus then activates the effect of "Rescueroid" to add "Decoyroid" from his Graveyard to his hand. Syrus then activates the effect of "Ambulanceroid" to Special Summon "Decoyroid" from his hand. "Cyber Summon Blaster" then inflicts 300 damage to Hassleberry, winning Syrus the Duel.
  • In episode 76, Hassleberry uses this card during his Tag Duel with Syrus against Frost and Thunder. When Frost uses "Mobius the Frost Monarch" to attack "Element Saurus" (whose ATK was 1300 due to "Mobius Castle" and "Training Field"), Syrus activates "Dark Computer Virus" to Tribute "Stealthroid" and change the target of "Side Attack" to him instead. This makes Syrus face Frost and Hassleberry face Thunder. Since Hassleberry is not facing Frost anymore, "Element Saurus" regains the ATK and DEF it lost from the effect of "Mobius Castle". A replay then occurs and Frost uses "Mobius" to attack Syrus directly, but Hassleberry activates this card to destroy all monsters on the field and inflict 1000 damage to all players for each of their destroyed monsters. Syrus then activates "Ring of Life" to destroy "Element Saurus" and increase his and Hassleberry's Life Points by the DEF of "Element Saurus".

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