• In episode 91, Kalin uses this card during his Ground Duel with Yusei against Lawton. He discards this card and three other cards in his hand via the cost of "Infernity Zero". Later Kalin Special Summons this card and "Infernity Beast" from the Graveyard via the effect of "Infernity Mirage". Since Kalin had no cards in his hand, he Tributes this card in order to Special Summon two more copies from his Deck. One copy then attacks "Gatling Ogre", but Lawton activates "Back Attack Ambush" to end the Battle Phase and Special Summon four Ambush Tokens (one token for every Attack Position monster Kalin controls). Lawton then Tributes all four Ambush Tokens to inflict a total of 2000 damage to Kalin (500 damage for each Tributed Token) (Lawton intends to place two more Doom Counters on "Infernity Zero" (which has one Doom Counter) in order to destroy it as "Infernity Zero" prevents Kalin from losing while his Life Points are 0), but due to the effect of Yusei's "Justice Bringer", the effects of all Special Summoned monsters controlled by Lawton are negated whenever it isn't Yusei's turn. In the next episode, Kalin tunes "Infernity Beast" and both copies (who are regular Effect Monsters in the anime) with "Infernity Randomizer" (who is a Tuner in the anime) in order to Synchro Summon "Infernity Doom Dragon".

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