• Its attack name in the Japanese anime is Hell Howling.
  • In episode 91, Kalin uses this card during his Ground Duel with Yusei against Lawton. He discards this card and three other cards in his hand via the cost of "Infernity Zero". Later Kalin Special Summons this card and "Infernity Beetle" from the Graveyard via the effect of "Infernity Mirage". In the next episode, Lawton activates the effect of "Blaster Ogre" to destroy "Infernity Archfiend" and inflict half its ATK as damage to Kalin. This activates the effect of "Infernity Zero", giving it a second Doom Counter (the effect of "Infernity Zero" prevents Kalin from losing while his Life Points are 0. It also gains one Doom Counter for every 500 damage Kalin takes. When it gets three Doom Counters, it will be destroyed.). Lawton then activates the effect of "Blaster Ogre" to destroy this card and inflict half its ATK as damage to Kalin, but Yusei activates "Skill Twist" to redirect the effect of "Blaster Ogre" to "Nitro Warrior", destroying it and inflicting half its ATK as damage to Yusei. Later Kalin tunes this card and his two "Infernity Beetles" (who are regular Effect Monsters in the anime) with "Infernity Randomizer" (who is a Tuner in the anime) in order to Synchro Summon "Infernity Doom Dragon".

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