• Its attack name in the Japanese version is "Hell Hunting".
  • In episode 115, Trapper uses this card during his duel against Jesse Anderson. He Tribute Summons this card by Tributing "Lure Phantom". This card then attacks directly, but Jesse activates "G Force" to Special Summon "Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle" to the field and make it the new attack target of this card, however Trapper then activates "Trap Jammer" to negate "G-Force's" effect. The direct attack continues. This card's first effect then activates, destroying "Cobalt Eagle". The last effect of "Cobalt Eagle" then activates, placing itself in Jesse's Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell Card. next episode, Jesse uses "Topaz Tiger" to attack this card. The first effect of "Topaz Tiger" then activates, increasing its ATK by 400 during the Damage Step only. "Topaz Tiger" then destroys this card. Trapper then activates this card's second effect to summon another copy. Jesse then activates "Triggered Summon" in response to Special Summon "Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise". Jesse then activates "M Force" to increase the ATK of "Emerald Tortoise" by 500 until the End Phase. "Emerald Tortoise" then attacks and destroys this card. Trapper then activates this card's second effect to summon a third copy. On Jesse's next turn, he uses "Emerald Tortoise" to attack and destroy this card. Later Trapper activates "Pot of Avarice" to return the three copies and two "Lure Phantoms" from his Graveyard to his Deck and draw two cards.

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