Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In episode 33, Camula uses this card during her Duel against Jaden Yuki. She uses this card to destroy "Elemental Hero Tempest" and revive the latter under her control. She is forced to use her own soul as a sacrifice since Jaden's Shadow Charm negated her own Charm's ability to use a spectator's soul (she was going to take all of Jaden's friends' souls which would have caused Jaden to lose since he wouldn't have been to defeat Camula with that on the line). After Jaden won the Duel, this card took away Camula's soul.
  • In episode 34, this card appears in a flashback Jaden has when he notes in his mind that the recent Shadow Duels he had been in were not dreams. He also notes that his soul would be sealed away when he loses a Shadow Duel and that could be possibly forever.
  • In episode 159, this card is shown in a series of flashbacks Axel Brodie has when he explains that Kagemaru once used the scholarship students to resurrect the Sacred Beasts and gain eternal life until Jaden stopped him.

Video Games

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