• This card's revival effect was more powerful in the anime. It could revive itself after being destroyed in battle, as well as due to card effects, and did so at the End Phase of the turn in which is was destroyed.
  • Its attack name in the Japanese version is "Violent Egoism".
  • In episode 18, Professor Frank uses this card during his Ground Duel against Luna. He Tribute Summons this card by Tributing "Symmetry Rorschach". This card then attacks "Kuribon" (whose ATK was 0 due to "Gestalt Trap"). The attack fails due to the first effect of "Immortal Homeostasis", but Luna still took Battle Damage. The third effect of "Ancient Forest" destroys this card at the end of the Battle Phase. On Frank's End Phase, he activates this card's second effect to revive it. In the next episode, "Sunlight Unicorn" (whose ATK was 2500 due to it being equipped with "Horn of the Unicorn") attacks and destroys this card. On Luna's End Phase, Frank activates this card's second effect to revive it. Later this card attacks "Sunlight Unicorn". "Sunlight Unicorn" then destroys this card, but this activates the effect of "Wave of Ill Intent", inflicting 300 damage to Luna. Frank then activates "Spirit Contamination" to destroy "Pixie Ring". On Frank's End Phase, he activates this card's second effect to revive it. On Frank's next turn, this card attacks "Kuribon", but Luna activates "Fairy Wind" to destroy all other Spells and Traps on the field and inflict 400 damage to both players for each Spell/Trap destroyed this way (not including Spells controlled by Frank). Since three were destroyed, both players take 1200 damage. Luna then activates the second effect of "Kuribon" to return it to her hand and nullify the Battle Damage she would take as well as increase Frank's Life Points by the ATK of this card. Luna then activates "Oberon's Prank" to negate the Life Point increase and make both players take damage equal to the amount of Life Points that would have been gained, ending the Duel in a Draw.

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