• In episode 161, Rex Raptor uses this card during his Duel against Joey Wheeler. He summons this card via "Polymerization". This card then gained 500 ATK due to the effect of "The Seal of Orichalcos". This card then attacks directly via its own effect. "Giant Rex" then attacks and destroys "Panther Warrior". "Gilasaurus" then attacks directly, but Joey activates "Scapegoat" to summon four Sheep Tokens. "Gilasaurus" then destroys a Sheep Token. On Rex's next turn, this card attacks "Rocket Warrior", but Joey activates "Magical Arm Shield" to redirect the attack to "Gilasaurus", however Rex activates "Jurassic Heart" to negate the effect of "Magical Arm Shield" and destroy it. This card then destroys "Rocket Warrior". "Giant Rex" and "Gilasaurus" then destroy two of the three remaining "Sheep Tokens". Later "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" (whose ATK was 2700 due to it being powered up by the effect of "Metalmorph") attacks this card. The effect of "Metalmorph" then activates, increasing the ATK of "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" by half of this card's ATK during damage calculation only. "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" then destroys this card.

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