• In episode 139, Sherry LeBlanc uses this card during her Ground Duel against Crow Hogan and Akiza Izinski. When Crow's "Blackwing - Kogarashi the Wanderer" attacks Akiza's Mask Token (who had the ATK and DEF of "Rose Tentacles"), Sherry activates this card to halve the ATK of Akiza's Mask Token. "Kogarashi the Wanderer" then destroys Akiza's Mask Token (Akiza sees this as "Kogarashi the Wanderer" attacking her token and her Token mysteriously getting its ATK halved through unknown means before "Kogarashi the Wanderer" destroys it).
    • This card also appears in a flashback Crow has when he wonders why did Sherry use her first Trap in an attempt to banish "Kogarashi the Wanderer" and her second Trap to halve her own Mask Token's ATK when this card attacked the token. Crow eventually figures out that Sherry is using an illusion to make Crow and Akiza fight each other.
    • This card also appears in Crow and Akiza's explanation when they explain to Sherry they initially thought they were Dueling Sherry in different field, but they eventually figured out that was a lie due to Sherry using "Fleur de Vertiges" to try to banish "Kogarashi the Wanderer" and using "High Half" to halve the ATK of Akiza's Mask Token when it got attacked by "Kogarashi the Wanderer".

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