• In episode 16, this card is shown as one of the many cards that Beauregard and Brier had taken from students. The scene that showed these cards was cut from the dub.
  • In episode 43, Alexis Rhodes uses this card during her duel against Pierre the Gambler. After Alexis's four Sheep Tokens were destroyed by the effect of "Sand Gambler", Alexis activates this card to make any damage she takes this turn 0. Because of that, Pierre chooses not to attack this turn.
  • In episode 90, Alexis uses this card during her Duel against Maitre' D. When "Big Vintage Magna Mutton" attacks "Cyber Tutu", Alexis activates this card to reduce the Battle Damage she would take to 0 by discarding "White Veil". "Big Vintage Magna Mutton" then attacks "Cyber Tutu", but Alexis takes no damage and her monster is not destroyed.

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