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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX


Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

  • In episode 140, Jim Crocodile Cook Summons this card against The Supreme King. Its effect was different than that of its TCG/OCG counterpart. It could shift to defense position after it destroys a monster in battle, and would gain defense points equal to the destroyed monster's DEF for the duration of the turn. Its ATK was also 1300 (In the English version it had its TCG/OCG ATK). This card then gained a Protection Counter from "Sacred Defense Barrier". Jim then uses this card to destroy The Supreme King's "Elemental Hero Avian" before using its effect to switch it to Defense Position and increase its DEF by the DEF of "Avian" until the end of the King's next turn. The King then used"Evil Hero Lightning Golem"'s to destroy this card, but Jim removes the counter on this card to prevent that. The King then attacks and destroys this card with his "Lightning Golem". It can also be seen in Jim's hand during the previous episode.
  • In the English version its attack name was "Forehead Fossil Force".

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