• In episode 38, Carly Carmine uses this card during her Ground Duel against Sayer. She Special Summons this card from her Deck via the third effect of "Fortune Lady Light". Since this card is Level 2, this card's first effect made its ATK and DEF 400 (its ATK and DEF are equal to its Level times 200). This card's third effect then activates, destroying "Magical Android" and inflicting its ATK as damage to Sayer. This card then attacks directly. In the next episode, "Storm Caller" attacks this card, but Carly activates "Slip of Fortune" to banish this card and negate the attack. On Carly's next Standby Phase, this card is returned to the field as per the effect of "Slip of Fortune". At the same time, "Fortune Lady Light" returns to the field via the second effect of "Future Visions". Carly then Tributes her two monsters in order to Tribute Summon "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu".
    • In the first above-mentioned episode, "Fortune Fairy En" is shown transforming into this card as Carly transforms into a Dark Signer.

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