• In episode 29, Carly Carmine tries to use her Deck to determine her fortune after she is thrown out of the Sector Security building she was in and after she is threatened by her chief that she will be fired if she does not get a good scoop. The card she draws is revealed to be this card. She notes to herself that means her fortune for today might be slightly bad. Carly feels like giving up, however, she quickly reminds herself that she won't give up and goes off to prepare on covering her next latest story: The preview for the film Atlas Rising.
  • In episode 38, Carly Carmine falls and lands on an old building and is killed as a result of the crash (in the dub, she fell into a shadowy portal into the Netherworld which helped save her from death). Shortly after, this card is shown dropping from the sky and landing on her. Although not shown, this card was transformed into "Fortune Lady Water" when Carly was transformed into a Dark Signer.

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