• This is one of the cards that Carly Carmine uses for her own personal fortune-telling.
  • In episode 27, Carly tries to use her Fortunetelling Deck to determine what her fortune will be right now as there were too many reporters blocking her way. She randomly draws one card out of her Deck and it is then revealed to be this card. Carly notes that means her fortune today will be super happy and that all her wishes will come true if she keeps moving forward.
  • In episode 38, Carly Carmine falls and lands on an old building and is killed as a result of the crash (in the dub, she fell into a shadowy portal into the Netherworld which helped save her from death). Shortly after, this card is shown dropping from the sky and landing on her. As Carly transforms into a Dark Signer, this card is shown transforming into "Fortune Lady Light".

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