• In episode 28, Carly Carmine drew this card out of her Deck when she used it to determine her fortune while she was at a Sector Security building, waiting to be questioned. She notes to herself that this means her fortune today is big trouble and that her rival will extend her lead over her. Therefore, Carly will have to try harder. She then starts to wail about this and questions how is she supposed to try harder in her current location and predicament.
  • In episode 37, Carly uses this card during her Ground Duel against Sayer. Upon drawing this card on her first turn, she read that her fortune was "super pinch", which she understands is the worst possible prediction she could get. She recalled that rumor has it when battling Psychic Duelists, the damage you take really harms you. Despite this and her bad fortune, she presses. After Carly Normal Summons "Fortune Fairy Swee", she activates "Unacceptable Result" to Special Summon this card from her hand. After Special Summoning "Fortune Fairy Hu" via "Luck Loan", Carly activates "Miracle Stone", which increases the ATK of her Fortune Fairies by 3000 as she controls three "Fortune Fairies". Later Sayer activates "Psychokinesis" to destroy "Miracle Stone", which returns the ATK of Carly's monsters to 0. "Telekinetic Shocker" and "Psychic Snail" then attack and destroy "Fortune Fairy Hu" and "Fortune Fairy Swee" respectively. These two attacks cause Carly to get thrown back against a window due Sayer's Psychic powers. "Psychic Commander" then attacks and destroys this card, winning Sayer the Duel. "Chee" was the last Fairy Sayer destroyed. The subsequent attack made by "Psychic Commander" then causes the window to shatter, knocking Carly out of the building.
  • In episode 38, Carly Carmine falls and lands on an old building and is killed as a result of the crash (in the dub, she fell into a shadowy portal into the Netherworld which helped save her from death). Shortly after, this card is shown dropping from the sky and landing on her. As Carly transforms into a Dark Signer, this card is shown transforming into "Fortune Lady Earth".

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