Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

(In this series, this card is a Tuner monster.)

  • In episode 113, Jack Atlas uses this card during his Ground Duel against the Familiar of Red Nova. He Special Summons this card from his hand when the Familiar activates the effect of "Abyss Boat Watchman" to revive "Abyss Guardian" when "Red Dragon Archfiend" attacked directly. The second effect of "Abyss Kid" then activates, destroying "Abyss Guardian". The first effect of "Abyss Guardian" then activates, but this card's effect redirects the damage Jack would take to the Familiar instead. The second effect of "Abyss Guardian" then ends the Battle Phase. On Jack's End Phase, the final effect of "Red Dragon Archfiend" destroys this card as it did not declare an attack. On the last turn of the Duel, this monster is seen when Jack counts up the number of Tuner monsters that strengthen the ATK of his "Red Nova Dragon".