• In episode 139, the Supreme King uses this card during his Duel against Jim Crocodile Cook. He summons this card via "Dark Fusion". Due to the latter's last effect, this card is granted immunity to destruction by Spell and Trap Cards this turn. This card then attacks Jim's "Shell Knight", but Jim activates "Sakuretsu Armor" to destroy this card, however the Supreme King explains that since this card was summoned through "Dark Fusion", it can't be destroyed by Spell and Trap Cards this turn, so "Sakuretsu Armor" is destroyed. This card then destroys "Shell Knight". This card then inflicts piercing damage to Jim. The second effect of this card then activates, inflicting damage to Jim equal to the DEF of "Shell Knight" (as it was higher than "Shell Knight's" ATK). Later "Mesozoic Fossil Knight - Skullknight" attacks this card. Damage calculation is then applied to the Supreme King's Life Points. Jim then activates "Half Life" to prevent this card's destruction by halving its ATK. Since "Skullknight" had attacked and the Supreme King has a monster on his side of the field at the end of the Damage Step, "Skullknight" can attack again. "Skullknight" then attacks and destroys this card.
  • Her attack name in the original version is Infernal Blast and her effect name is Hell Backfire.

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