• In episode 69, Don Piero uses this card during his Ground Duel against Jack Atlas. After Jack Normal Summons "Power Invader" without Tributing via its own effect, Don Piero activates this card to Special Summon a "Loan Token" to Jack's side of the field. Don Piero then explains that since there is a Loan Token on his side of the field, "Toichi the Nefarious Debt Collector" can't be destroyed in battle, however Jack can send one card from his hand to the Graveyard to destroy a Loan Token. After Jack Special Summons "Smile Kid" by discarding a card from his hand, the effect of this card activates, Special Summoning another Loan Token to Jack's side of the field. Jack then activates "Compulsory Recoil Device" to return "Smile Kid" to his hand. He then Special Summons "Smile Kid" by discarding a card from his hand. This card's effect doesn't activate when this occurs as Jack's Monster Zones are all occupied. Jack then activates "Zero Hole" to destroy all cards on the field (including the "Loan Tokens" this card Special Summoned).

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