• In episode 140, Ray used this card in her Duel against Zarc while inhabiting the body of Riley Akaba. She set this card, "En Birds", "En Winds", and "En Moon" from her Graveyard using "Transmigrating Life Force". She then activated this card, which negated the effects of all monsters currently on the field. After playing "En Birds", "En Winds", and "En Moon" in succession, Ray uses the effect of this card to destroy all monsters whose effects were negated and inflict 600 damage per monster sent to the Graveyard this way. "Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing", "Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion", and "Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom" were sent to the Graveyard, so Zarc took 1800 damage. However, "Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes" and "Supreme King Z-ARC" went to the Extra Deck since they were still Pendulum Monsters. After Yuya was able to suppress Zarc and activated "Smile Universe" to summon all Pendulum Monsters to the field as Normal Monsters and negate their effects, Ray used the effect of this card a second time, destroying "Supreme King Z-ARC" and "Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes". As they were not treated as Pendulum Monsters at the time, both monsters went to the Graveyard, and Yuya/Zarc took 1200 damage, winning Ray the Duel.